Re: material for desktop summit press kit

On Thu, August 4, 2011 9:49 am, Jos Poortvliet wrote:
> On 2011-08-04 Allan wrote:
>> Sumana Harihareswara <sumanah panix com> wrote:
>> >> From: "Karen Sandler" <karen gnome org>
>> ...
>> >> We're putting together information for the Desktop Summit Press
>> >> Kit, and one of the sections is "hot issues" for both KDE and
>> >> GNOME.
>> ...
>> > Additional hot issues (that is, some of these are salient and
>> > somewhat controversial, worth addressing):
>> >
>> > * perception of difficulty of collaboration with design team (I
>> > said *perception*, not reality)
>> >
>> > * Canonical, Unity, etc.
>> >
>> > * GNOME's relevance to mobile
>> These don't seem like things we should be presenting to the press,
>> tbh...
> Depends on how you word them :D
> I turned the comments here into:
> Key issues for GNOME at the Desktop Summit
> The GNOME community will use the opportunity of the Desktop Summit
> gathering to discuss the following 'hot' items in the community:
>  * Celebrating GNOME 3.0. 2011 has been a big year for GNOME; the summit
> will be a chance for contributors to congratulate one another on their
> achievement.
> * The future of GNOME 3; how to help the distributions to package GNOME
> 3 and ease the overall adoption of its use and development, seeking
> feedback to help with design and architecture? Where will GNOME 3.2 be
> going? What about the talks about GTK 4? Our new Documents interface?
> The GNOME Contacts framework?
>  * We will be welcoming our new Executive Director and the new
> Foundation Board!
> * GNOME and mobile. With the earlier GNOME Mobile efforts and the work
> on GNOME Shell as well as MeeGo, there are plenty of mobile technologies
> in the GNOME community. How do these relate to each other, how can they
> strengthen each other and is there more collaboration possible?
> * Improving collaboration within the GNOME community.There are many
> brilliant people involved in GNOME and there are many opportunities to
> employ there skills in other and better ways. An example would be
> makeing better use of the interaction knowledge and user interface
> design skills we have.
> * Collaboration with other communities and our corporate partners is
> also high on the agenda. There is technology shared with the KDE
> community in our lower stack and there is much to be gained in that are.
> But also collaboration with our corporate partners including Canonical,
> Red Hat, SUSE and others is an important point of attention.
> Input still welcome but it'll have to come quick, we need to start doing
> the look & feel and printing soon.

Nice rewrites! Does anyone have any more general materials about GNOME
that we've used in the past? Maybe for the ambassador program?


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