Re: press conference

On 2011-08-04 Olav wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 04, 2011 at 02:10:35PM +0200, Jos Poortvliet wrote:
> > The mail below needs to go out to any press attending the Desktop
> > Summit. It's been send to a few channels but I'd like to ask you to
> > try and get this out on the GNOME press channel too ;-)
> Btw, not sure how involved you want to be in GNOME, but if you want
> we could just give you an account for This provided
> you want to keep doing marketing related things for GNOME

Allan gave me an account but I can't find the link to actually log in 
anymore, which was annoying a while ago as I indeed did want to publish 

But in any case, this is something which should go out to journalists 
but not be posted on our general communication channels. I know GNOME 
has announcement channel(s) where press is subscribed - but that's not 
documented clearly so I can't send it somewhere & ping some moderator to 
approve it.

speaking of that, dave started a "can we document how we do gnome 
announcements please" but that info should imho end up here:

We didn't finish the discussion on GNOME news, at least, as far as I can 
tell no action was taken.

How about we have a meeting about these things at the DS? I can shoot in 
a GNOME marketing BoF if you like. Oh, and I would really like to have a 
cross-desktop marketing session. There's been a bit of bad blood 
concerning a few communication thingies regarding the DS (and 
other/older communication) and I think we should have a heart-to-heart 
between KDE and GNOME ppl on how we frame certain things. To give some 
idea what it's about: do we claim both to be "the linux desktop 
project"? Or "the largest"? Do we mention each other? Where? How? Those 
things can be rather unaligned and lead to frustration here and there. 
Kind'of like the naming discussion about system settings but different 

meanwhile, this mail should go out to journalists - any ideas what ML 
that would be?

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