Re: Communicating to users what GNOME 3.0 is

Hi All:

The accessibility changes are big - and as it's a core component of
GNOME (accessible to all) there's probably a lot more we could be doing
around it. (I'm not an expert on accessibility in any way, shape or form).

I use the phrase "the perfect storm" when it comes to the a11y work for GNOME 3: bonobo deprecation, WebKit, and GNOME Shell are all difficult challenges when it comes to accessibility.

However, to put a positive spin on it...

1) The move away from Bonobo/CORBA to D-Bus lays the foundation for GNOME accessibility to be available on more devices. It also provides a common infrastructure that can be used by KDE -- if things go well, people will be able to access KDE GUI's using GNOME assistive technologies. This will give them access they've never had before.

2) We're hoping to improve the out of the box experience for setting up "Universal Access" preferences - This will make the GNOME desktop more approachable to a larger number of people.

3) The work with will provide tighter mouse-only integration with the desktop, helping people with disabilities as well as touch-screen users.

4) The better integration with GDM will provide an easier way to set up accessible login.


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