Communicating to users what GNOME 3.0 is

I've heard quite a few concerns from very happy users that GNOME 3.0 is all about GNOME Shell and will force them to use GNOME Shell. For example, see this thread that a Friend of GNOME sent me:

I think we need to counter this with a "What is GNOME 3.0" message. We are working on this with the material from the marketing hackfest but perhaps we could all start tagging GNOME 3.0 blogs and interviews that we do in or sharing them here so we can all expand on it.

While change happens, and we can't stay the same forever, we need to make sure we listen to our existing happy users, make them feel listened to and address their needs as much as possible.

I think it would be beneficial if the release team and the marketing team started coming out with blog posts and articles about what GNOME 3.0 is. If people are willing to write those articles, I can help find publications willing to host them.


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