Re: Open Video Guidelines (WAS: Re: [Foundations] Open Video Conference, NYU, June 19-20)

(Actually cc'ing the GNOME marketing list.)

Dean, Nicholas, Ryanne, Jay,

Nice to meet you! I'm cc'ing the GNOME marketing list as that's where
we've been discussing a video project.

If we had an online guide to publishing practices for open video
(including soliciting and sharing them), I'm sure many projects would
find it useful. In addition if we had a common place to share them we
could build up a good archive ...


> On Mon, May 11, 2009 at 9:17 AM, Dean Jansen <dean pculture org> wrote:
>> Hi Stormy,
>> Do you know Ryanne Hodson or Jay Dedman? They came up with the idea of an
>> open video help booth. They're two video bloggers who have been on the scene
>> for a long time and who really care a lot about open video (they publish a
>> feed in theora! ). They've been doing video how-to's and media fluency
>> education for a long time (,, etc), and will be
>> working w/ Michael Dale and a handful of other FOSS video hackers to make
>> sure the booth is "always on" and that we're sharing the best and most up to
>> date info for authoring open video.
>> Maybe there's some kind of collaboration that could come out of the booth...
>> like an online guide to publishing best practices for open video. I don't
>> know if GNOME has a good place to publish them, but and
>> both come to mind as good outlets. Are there other places
>> too?
>> Best,
>> Dean Jansen
>> Outreach Director
>> Participatory Culture Foundation
>> On Mon, May 11, 2009 at 11:05 AM, Nicholas Reville <npr pculture org> wrote:
>>> Hey Stormy,
>>> That's a great question-- Dean Jansen, cc'd, is doing a lot of the
>>> planning and says that there's going to be a booth that's focused on this
>>> question.  He can tell you more and see if that would fit what you are
>>> hoping for.
>>> Also, we at Miro are always psyched to promote videos about FOSS in our
>>> Miro Guide and would also love to find more ways to collaborate with GNOME
>>> and make sure that the app is working well for everyone and get more
>>> developers involved.  Let me know if you have any suggestions for how we can
>>> reach out.
>>> Take care,
>>> nicholas
>>> On May 11, 2009, at 9:54 AM, Stormy Peters wrote:
>>> Hi Nicholas,
>>> The Linux Foundation recently did a Linux video contest and the GNOME
>>> Foundation is talking about creating a series of videos and maybe doing a
>>> contest. We had a long debate about formats, publishing mediums, etc and
>>> we'd like to have everything open.
>>> I don't know if anyone from the GNOME Foundation will be at the Open Video
>>> Conference, but it would be great to see a BOF that resulted in some
>>> guidelines of how open source projects could best create, collect, and
>>> promote videos about their projects.
>>> Stormy
>>> On Fri, May 8, 2009 at 11:50 AM, Nicholas Reville <npr pculture org>
>>> wrote:
>>>> Hi Everyone,
>>>> The schedule for the Open Video Conference that we're organizing is
>>>> starting to finalize.  We'd love to have all of you there and please
>>>> spread the word far and wide.
>>>> I hope the event will really coalesce more activity and collaborations
>>>> around the idea of "open video".  Video is the most closed medium
>>>> online right now and we are going to need a whole free and open
>>>> ecosystem working together-- from codecs to editors to publishing
>>>> tools and distribution systems-- in order to get the real benefits
>>>> that come from an open flow.
>>>> Here's the conference website-- hope to see you there!
>>>> Take care,
>>>> nicholas
>>>> _________
>>>> Nicholas Reville
>>>> Co-Founder, Executive Director
>>>> Participatory Culture Foundation
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