Re: Open Video Guidelines (WAS: Re: [Foundations] Open Video Conference, NYU, June 19-20)

> Nice to meet you! I'm cc'ing the GNOME marketing list as that's where
> we've been discussing a video project.
> If we had an online guide to publishing practices for open video
> (including soliciting and sharing them), I'm sure many projects would
> find it useful. In addition if we had a common place to share them we
> could build up a good archive ...

Hey Stormy--

(I'm cc'ing our partner, Michael Verdi, on this email.)

As Dean said, we plan to organize a table at the Open Video Conference where video creators can get together to learn to use all this new HTML5 + Ogg/Theora on their sites. We're going to get down and dirty.

Our goal is to make some video tutorials for the conference in response to some of the most commonly asked questions:
We'll be publishing these videos to our work-in-progress site, There's also where we could crosspost.

Let us know what you guys had in mind. As video creators, we're currently trying to figure all that's possible with HTML5 and the new Firefox.


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