Re: survey Friends of GNOME donors


I think the idea of a survey is a great idea.  I think it might be
good to also ask some questions that try to find out if the person
has recommended Friends of GNOME to others, whether they mention
Friends of GNOME when they give a GNOME-related presentation, etc.
Such questions might help to get people to consider ways they
could further encourage others to donate.

Also, might be good to ask a question or two to find out what aspects
of the GNOME desktop motivates them to donate to Friends of GNOME.
Is it because GNOME is free software, is it because GNOME is accessible,
or what?  This might help us get a better understanding of the types
of people who donate and who we should be targeting when we reach out
to ask for donations.

Some comments below as well...

Here's my first pass.

Goal: I think the most important thing to find out is "why GNOME?" Why did they decide to support us? (Are they users, developers, ... How did they find out about donating? etc.)

You donated to Friends of GNOME in the past year. Please help us by taking this survey in 3 minutes or less.

1. Are you ... (check all that apply)
- GNOME user
- GNOME developer
- GNOME contributor (event planning, documentation, translation, web page creation, ...)
- GNOME Foundation member
- GNOME fan
- Other ______________

Should we include "Employed by a company or organization that does work with GNOME"?

2. Do you use ... (check all that apply)
- GNOME desktop
- GNOME applications like Abiword, Gimp, Banshee, Inkscape (which ones should we list here?)
- GNOME products on Windows
- GNOME products on KDE
- None of the above

Should we also include things like "GNOME accessibility"?

3. Which GNOME Foundation activities do you value most?
- Hackfests
- 6 month releases
- web pages
- forums

Perhaps "Maintining GNOME infrastructure, like the web sites and
forums" might be more accurate.

- translations
- documentation

Might be good to highlight how the Foundation helps the translation
and documentation aspects of GNOME.

- other ____________

Perhaps we should include other things we do like coding contests, the
Google Summer of Code projects, funding travel so community members
can attend events, etc.

4. What would you like to see the GNOME Foundation do over the next year? (check all that apply)
- exactly what it's doing now
- more developer events
- more outreach to end users
- more end user events
- more new products
- more support of existing products
- more work with distributors

We keep talking about helping to do usability studies.  Perhaps we
should include that as well?

5. How did you hear about the Friends of GNOME donation page?
- from the <> web page
- from Planet GNOME
- from a friend
- from a blog
- from an email
- other _________

6. Did you know about our Friends of GNOME badges,
- yes, I have one on my blog
- yes
- no

What is your employment status?
- full time student
- software developer
- other full time job
- retired
- unemployed
- other ___________

How old are you? [Open to suggestions for better breaking this down.]
- Under 18
- 18 - 21
- 22 - 25
- 26 - 29
- 30 - 44
- 45 - 60
- 60 - 74
- 75+

Are you male or female?
- male
- female

What is your annual household income? [Are there standards for this?]
- $0-$20,000
- $20,000 - $40,000
- $40,000 - $60,000
- $60,000 - $80,000
- $80,000 - $100,000
- $100,000 - $149,000
- $150,000+

What is your current education level?
- some school
- high school equivalent
- some college
- college degree
- graduate degree
- other___________

Anything else you'd like to tell us? _____________________

Thoughts? Comments? Ideas?


P.S. I also put some of these questions in SurveyMonkey[1]. With SurveyMonkey I can currently only ask 10 questions (which with comments for the "other" category is not enough.) We could also use Google forms or pay $20 to upgrade SurveyMonkey for a month. Or use some other tool ...



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