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On Thu, 2009-05-21 at 10:38 -0600, Stormy Peters wrote:

> Hear, hear on thinking about what we want people to do when they visit
> wgo! (We also need to keep in mind why they came so we can make the
> visit satisfying.

Yes, it's not an either/or question. We should do both.

> I agree, that #4 is the main one and the others are all good.
> I'd rename (4) to be "Use GNOME".  When we take them to that page, in
> addition to an install option, we need to have options for the non
> technical person. That may include pointing them to Linux distros or
> to the non-app store we talked about in another thread.

I think, there's a slight difference between "install" (or deploy) on
the one hand, and "use" on the other: The product itself. If people
don't like the product, there's nearly no way to encourage people to
keep it installed and use it.

The "download" page provides all the options you mentioned: Links to
Distros, LiveCDs, and other stuff. It's an index page, so we can easily
add a paragraph -- to a GNOME-for-Windows CD, for example, or whatever.

A link to the non-app store (coffee mugs and stuff) might fit into
"Community". It also seems to be a good candidate for the footer.

>         To get people to deploy GNOME, we need to persuade them to
>         install and
>         test GNOME, first. 
> Again, I think we'll have people coming with questions but not be
> technical users. Maybe instead of "install" it's switch. For example,
> they already have a Linux distro and they're using KDE. For the
> average Windows user, we need to send them somewhere to get
> GNOME/Linux easily.

Hm, maybe there's a slight misunderstanding here?

When I write "install and test" I'm NOT talking about playing around
with tarballs. I mean "Get a Ubuntu CD and run it from the existing
Windows partition", for example.

Non-technical people (that is "Beginners and non-frequent PC users") are
unlikely to visit wgo, anyway.

> So the question I have (which we might not be able to answer) is do we
> get people that are already using GNOME or do we get Windows and KDE
> users? I'd guess a huge percentage of our traffic is existing GNOME
> users. So our "install/use" case might be getting them to use more
> GNOME apps.

We don't need to distinguish between people using GNOME and people using
something else. People don't read web pages, they scan them: Information
that appears to be irrelevant or uninteresting is usually ignored.

So, existing GNOME users will probably ignore "About" and "Download" and
jump straight to "Support" or "Community". There are links to further
information -- where to find additional GNOME apps, for example.

They are also likely to use Bookmarks for GNOME sites they use often.

Selling a certain GNOME app is best left to the homepage of the app.
Stuffing too much information on a web site usually makes it confusing
and hard to navigate.

BTW, the web site mock-up needs no web server or so. Just download
extract, and open the first index.html in the browser. The top
navigation should work.

Best regards,

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