Re: GNOME Store

I'm glad to see the agreement in choosing Zazzle!  I'm not sure of the process - are there any other individuals who we need approval from?

If not, who can help with some of the adminsitrative steps to move forward?

* Inform Hackerthreads of a change
* Set up a Zazzle account (

I am supposed to meeting with Lucas soon to discuss a roadmap for the gnome-web team after last Monday's meeting.   I'd recommend we wrap some of the action items regarding creating a store (CSS) into the overall gnome-web plan (which is scheduled for release with 2.28).  This may make the most sense as the look and feel of the GNOME website will change with the Plone rollout, and we'll want that look in the Zazzle store.

In talking to Andreas in IRC yesterday he mentioned that there may be some artwork ready to go, such as the popular green one, and a few others.

The other option is to launch a more basic store now, with some of the designs Andreas mentioned, in an effort to make a little money sooner.


On Wed, May 13, 2009 at 4:40 AM, Andreas Nilsson <nisses mail home se> wrote:
Dave Neary wrote:
Stormy Peters wrote:
+1 for Zazzle.

Idem. In fact, back in 2004, the only reason we didn't go with Zazzle
was that they were US only, and we would have had to theme our web page
ourselves to make it look & feel like a page. The first one is
no longer true, I think, and the second is perhaps not a blocker.
I haven't looked into detail how much control you actually get over the design, but when playing around with it in Firebug yesterday, I was able to get okayish results in a matter of minutes. Lots of divs to style!
So not a blocker at all. Lets go for it!
- Andreas

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