Re: Brochure for potential sponsors: need help!

I think we should go with what we have.

However, I think Claus has some good points.

I don't necessarily agree that more information/text is better. I think people are more likely to read what you have, if you have less.

However, I liked the title calling out more to the audience and less about us. I'd probably change it a bit:

Why You Should Become a GNOME Foundation Associate

Find out how companies such as Google, HP, IBM, Intel, Motorola, Nokia, Novell, RedHat, and Sun work with the GNOME community to develop world class [systems] for a fraction of the cost

Or instead of cost we could highlight speed or customization or any of the open source benefits.

I also like the idea of adding the number to the list: 6 reasons to become a GNOME Foundation Sponsor. Numbers have proved to help popular blog post titles!


On Mon, Mar 2, 2009 at 10:48 AM, Claus Schwarm <clschwarm googlemail com> wrote:

On Mon, Mar 2, 2009 at 12:03 PM, Andreas Nilsson <nisses mail home se> wrote:
Oh, I just finished the layout on Friday, just need to figure out the best tint of green left basically. Should have let you know earlier.

Andreas, this is absolutely no problem. It was fun, anyway -- whether we use it or not.

I'm not sure I'm a fan of the two column layout in your version. Feels like a lot of text, and if you give the folder to someone on a conference, you can't really expect them to read through the whole thing (or anything at all, if it seems to heavy).

Yes, you're in line with nearly all designers I've ever worked with. :) 

But when you're trying to sell something, information matters. There's just one exception: This is when the main benefit of your product is basically just emotion (feeling attractive, feeling free, etc.).

Thus I used two columns: It simply allows more text.

What texts did you change exactly?
I like the "4 reasons why you should you should join...", but maybe the GNOME text is a bit big and too detailed.
I'll let other weight in on what texts they like better.

I tried to reuse as much as possible. It's also not finished, just meant as a concept.

My idea for the folded A4 format was that it would be possible to print it out with a regular printer for anyone who wanted. I've kept it to 2 color print in order to save money when printing it at the printer (even though we might end up doing a small amount of them printed digitally, so maybe it won't matter)

Yes, I thought so. Nothing wrong with it. I just made the suggestion to discuss a different option.

Best regards,

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