Re: Revamping Friends of GNOME: help with web page text


Although "Bring free desktop to the world" seems a reasonable mission to
me, it just doesn't seem to get my blood racing as a good mission
statement should.  Not sure what would be better, though.

I think we should get more involved with promoting humanitarian projects. We've already sponsored projects promoting Women and
Accessibility, we should suggest we want to do more.  Many people who
like to donate like to donate to humanitarian projects, so I think we
should try more to appeal to this.

We could also discuss how GNOME software is used by the XO "One
Laptop Per Child" project, and how its already translated into 3rd
world languages, supports accessibility, etc.

In the "On the payment/check out page:" you do not highlight how people
should specify how they might want to earmark money.  What if someone
wants to donate money for something specific, like accessibility, an
upcoming hackfest, doing translation into a 3rd world language, or
someone's travel expense.  Shouldn't we provide a mechanism, or explain
how people can earmark money for certain things?

For "Adopt a Hacker" wouldn't it make more sense to get a postcard from
a volunteer who received money from us.  For example, perhaps when we
give people money for travel, one of the things they need to do is
write a "thank you" postcard to some number of people.  It might be
nicer to get a postcard from a volunteer who actually can say thank
you for the money.  In fact, it might be nice to send out such thank
you postcards for any donation.

> # Ensure a free and secure desktop environment for nondevelopers.

Not sure what this means, really.  How do we need monetary help to
ensure this?

> # Have active dialogs between our sponsor companies and our developers
> through monthly advisory board meetings. This is one way to bring end
>  user and distribution company needs to GNOME developers.

I'd say "more active" rather than "active".

> # Continue to provide a neutral, confidential place for our sponsors
> to discuss their GNOME technology related plans.

I think this should be listed higher, I think it is an important service
we provide.


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