Re: Revamping Friends of GNOME: help with web page text


I originally thought an "adopt a hacker" program would be cool where
we highlighted developers that had received travel sponsorship but
Brian Cameron pointed out that that would probably appeal to the
current set of contributors but not branch out much.

I think an "Adopt a Hacker" program is great.  I just think that
we also need to highlight some ways that the Foundation benefits
end users, developers, translators, etc.  Some people may not make
the connection of how supporting a hacker to attend a conference
benefits them in any tangible way.

The Foundation has sponsored two Outreach programs, The GOPA is an
example of how the Foundation has done a more tangible thing which
benefits end users.  I'm sure other "success stories" could be

If, as you suggest, we were to encourage people to donate money and
earmark it for certain projects (a11y, localization into 3rd world
languages, or whatever), then the Foundation could get even more
involved with collecting money and making use of it for tasks that
would more clearly benefit end users, and thus encourage more people
to donate.


All that said, I could use some text for the actual page. The current
page is here:

I'd like to have a couple of sections:
- Top intro that summarizes what this is all about: "Show your support
for GNOME. Become a Friend of GNOME and "
- List of things that GNOME does well. I'd like to list quite a few
but maybe we could also have an "ad space" at the right that
highlights things like "GNOME technology used by half a million kids
worldwide in OLPCs", "GNOME on school kids desktops in Spain", ... In
the general list we could list (with links) all the current stories we
have in the marketing web site plus:
     - accessibility
     - localization
     - functionality: multimedia, mail, etc.
- List of things we use money for directly:
  - developer travel,
  - printing and marketing materials,
  - ...
- Levels of sponsorship and gifts (probably should go towards the top
of the page)
- A link to all the current Friends of GNOME.

Thoughts? Anyone willing to help with the web page?


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