Re: Promoting events in South America

Hey everyone,

nice to hear you all like the idea!.
I'll reply about some of the things mentioned:

- Claudio suggests a gnome-la list, I don't think it hurts either.
There's gugmasters list but we might be offtopic there for
coordinating something for the region.

- Fernando mentions that time for conferences in three countries could
hard to sync:

>The problem start when you need to coordinate three conferences from
>three differents countries, actually in Chile we do most of the
>conferences at the end of the year, mainly october and november, i'm not
>sure if happens the same in Peru, Brazil or Argentina.

In Perú it's similar, November is full of conferences of all sizes and
topics. My original idea was to have this new conference here sometime
in the summer.
We have nice weather until April/May around here.

We should try to get a word of people working on events in Brasil and Argentina.

- Lucas, please encourage the .br people to leave their opinion on
this thread! :)

- Jeff, we will discuss with Lucas' agent about using his name :)

Thanks everyone for the positive feedback!

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