Re: Wow - look at the KDE news volume

On Tue, 2006-09-26 at 15:02 -0400, Luke Stroven wrote:
> It used to be included when Google news first launched, but was
> dropped
> as a source some time ago. I re-submitted it about a year ago to no
> avail. I will resubmit again. 

Got rejected by Google for inclusion. The first response said "We're
unable to include sites that don't have a formal editorial-review

So I sent a rebuttal was thanked for clearing things up, but was
rejected again. The reason this time was: "We found that the articles on
this site solely promote your own product."

So I sent in a short list of websites that are included in Google News
that were similar and asked them to explain why those site were OK and is not, they again rejected my request without
explaining what the difference was.

Oh well,


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