Re: GNOME stickers

Jeff Waugh wrote:
<quote who="Máirín Duffy">

Sure, my idea for the sticker in the 6 color variations from the
stationery mockups is attached. I specified the Tango color for each

These are awesome. Only comment: Perhaps go for the darker chameleon? (It's
a deeper green, less associated with other brand colours, closer to the
'nature' scheme we were talking about at the Summit.)

Ooh, good point. See attached - the darker green looks nicer and more natural / less dayglo.

I also added an 'aluminium 6' foot as well, Behdad! (I kinda like the dark dark grey better than black? It seems a little more elegant / and I've been using that grey in a lot of the branding mocks.)


PNG image


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