Some marketing wgo goals missing planning drafts

[This post refers only to the wgo goals related to content and dealt
here in marketing-list. Check gnome-web-list for the rest of GnomeWeb
2.18 goals]

Today we had the third milestone of the GnomeWeb 2.18 release cycle:
November 8th - Goal Planning Drafts

We have almost one month to discuss these drafts before the next
milestone: December 6th - Feature Freeze. From that point the
implementation process of the goals will start and all the discussion
will concentrate on details.

* wgo Look&Feel (MairinDuffy) - GnomeWeb/LooknFeel NEEDS A V1.0
URGENTLY. The people mounting the CMS need stable templates and
look&feel. Please, please, please.

There are three goals discussed in this list that are missing
deadlines / requirements:

* wgo Take the Tour (missing coordinator) (missing planning page) 
  * wgo Success Stories - GnomeWeb/CaseStudies (missing coordinator) 
  * 2.18 release notes integrated in marketing strategy (missing
    coordinator) (missing planning page)

They are crucial for the wgo revamp. We need people pushing them. If you
volunteer we can help.

The rest are more or less on track, although some of them need still a
lot of planning work to be completed in the next weeks:

  * wgo Get Started - GnomeWeb/WgoGetStarted (JoachimNoreiko) 
  * wgo Get Involved - GnomeWeb/WgoGetInvolved (JoachimNoreiko) 
  * wgo About - GnomeWeb/WgoAbout (JoachimNoreiko) 
  * GnomeWeb/GnomeStore (QuimGil) 

Yet again, most if not all these goals need more people. If you want to
help, pick your preferred goal.

Quim Gil ///

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