Re: GNOME stickers

Quim Gil wrote:
On Fri, 2006-11-03 at 10:20 -0500, M��Duffy wrote:
but if possible foot stickers in a variety of colors from the Tango palette would be great!

I saw your 6 color variations in that letter template at

Could we consolidate those variations (or any stable set of colors you
prefer)? I think it's cool to have alternatives to the black foot but
not thousands, not at least coming from the materials controlled by the

Sure, my idea for the sticker in the 6 color variations from the stationery mockups is attached. I specified the Tango color for each underneath.

You mean the small little case stickers? That would be cool too.

Now I remember that Guadalinex produced also stickers like this with the
untold purpose of inviting people to stick them on the top of the ones
you imagine.

Should we go for these 2 types of stickers? At least these are cheaper
to send (alone).

I think both would be cool!


PNG image


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