Re: Writing the 2.16 release notes (and press release)


Quim Gil wrote:
> I want to help producing release notes and press releases more friendly
> and effective for our user targets and journalists. What do we explain
> and how, how do we show them in wgo and the projects subsites. How we
> use screenshots, and screencasts. Also how these materials are
> advertised afterward.

I'm going to do something I hate to see people doing - throw out an idea
and then fade back into the shadows.

I've wondered whether we get decent exposure from the "What's new in..."
articles - they're definitely interesting for a section of the public
who already know about our software. But one thing I've missed is an
overview of the desktop (not a massive overview, but how people actually
use GNOME, and how the new stuff affects workflows. Screencasts fit in
nicely here. A full desktop overview would take far too long to be
considered for September, but perhaps for March?


David Neary
bolsh gimp org

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