Re: wgo revamp timeline (proposal)

... and the i18n module still appears to be a patch,

Are you talking about this ?!

as well as terribly inefficient in terms of database access and design.

Don't know about this

I really don't think it has a good answer to content translation at this point.

The question is who has the best answer -- now -- not what is the best
answer to our problems.  Because the best answer to our problems would
be (almost every time)  to build our own framework but I don't think
that there is enough hands but why not, if we target to build the
next-gen desktop we could start with a new project which will take
into account this new ideas and write from scratch.

- Jeff

We can't avoid Drupal because the i18n isn't completely mature. If the
counter proposition is a wiki, it can be done with drupal.

I guess that use drupal with the mediawiki module.


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