Re: Actions


> > Hrm, what about universities?
> Do you mean students (which would kind of fit into a potential 
> contributor target audience (1)) or IT department heads (which would 
> pretty well fit into the public administration target audience (2))? Of 
> course there are special points to address with university IT 
> departments. Often they are interested not just in costs, but in 
> relevancy. So we would need to show (at the stage where we start sending 
> people to do presentations and demos) that GNOME can provide the 
> framework they can use for courses, and can provide the type of 
> experience that students will need in the marketplace.

Sounds like you have them covered. I just think it's an important area
where we already have a good deal of support.

> It's not my place to decide, but I am of the opinion that colleges 
> should be toolkit and platform agnostic, and should teach neither 
> windows or GTK+ programming.

Generally they teach what they know and what is topical - seems like
it's worth trying to influence that.

> The stuff in the list was a list of things which we have had discussions 
> about on the list. They didn't quite come out of the blue :) I suspect 
> they all have at least one wiki page already :)

Ahh, ok - if that's the case, then it would be useful to provide the
wiki page, and/or discussion links. I'm just seeing it from a high
level, that those task are pretty hard to pick up on from a casual
observer. Feel free to ignore me though ;)


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