Re: Best Format for amendments to Live CD Docs ?

On Wed, 16 Feb 2005 10:16:37 -0600, Richard Hoelscher
<richardhoelscher gmail com> wrote:
> A more general comment regarding the LiveCD docs, and media in
> general.... The documents included didn't exactly bowl me over,

You're welcome to supply others :)

> and
> for new users who aren't interested in development and don't feel the
> vibe, it's probably even worse for them.

I picked what I could find on very short notice; I would note that
we've been asking for docs on the marketing list for several months
now and gotten no feedback. So I'm glad you're interested in improving
them :)

> Sooooo... how about a few PD selections available from Project
> Gutenberg, with slight conversions away from plain text. "The
> Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" ? One or two selections from
> Shakespeare?

Unless they are nicely formatted, I don't see the point- we're trying
to show off what we can do, and saying 'look, gedit can display an
entire book in a monospaced font' doesn't really scream 'cutting edge
technology' to me. Are there any of those in PDF or doc?


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