Best Format for amendments to Live CD Docs ?

> I think the least terrible solution at the moment is
> to just mail a text description of your changes, or perhaps a text
> decsription of your changes + a new version of the doc. 

I've sent a new version with a text description - please let me know how
useful the layout is.

> Until we switch to generating all the docs with some sort of docbook+pdf
> generation, I don't see that we've got a better option (though i'm
> totally open to suggestions.)

FWIW, DocBook > PDF has been a bit problematic for Fedora Docs.  We
currently use xmlto for DocBook output, but it doesn't give   good
results with PDF and we may switch over to Apache FOP, but there is some
question over the viability of that...  The point being that in practice
DocBook might not give the output quality you would want for this
project right now :(


Stuart Ellis
s ellis fastmail co uk

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