Best Format for amendments to Live CD Docs ?

> The documents included didn't exactly bowl me over, and
> for new users who aren't interested in development and don't feel the
> vibe, it's probably even worse for them.
> By the way, this comment wasn't really about the content... I'm just
> jaded from feeling that I've read every single document about open
> source that's been published over the last few years.

Reliability, security, cost and freedom arguments do seem to have lost
some of their bite these days, one way and another...  In the revised
"Project Overview" document I sent Luis to look at I pretty much pushed
usability to the top, partly because it is a strong feature, and partly
to poke the reader in the eye with something they might not have seen
before - the idea of Linux and usability going together is probably
rather startling to most people.

Stuart Ellis
s ellis fastmail co uk

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