Re: Best Format for amendments to Live CD Docs ?

On Thu, 17 Feb 2005 00:42:35 +0000, Stuart Ellis <s ellis fastmail co uk> wrote:
> > The documents included didn't exactly bowl me over, and
> > for new users who aren't interested in development and don't feel the
> > vibe, it's probably even worse for them.
> >
> > By the way, this comment wasn't really about the content... I'm just
> > jaded from feeling that I've read every single document about open
> > source that's been published over the last few years.
> Reliability, security, cost and freedom arguments do seem to have lost
> some of their bite these days, one way and another...  In the revised
> "Project Overview" document I sent Luis to look at I pretty much pushed
> usability to the top, partly because it is a strong feature, and partly
> to poke the reader in the eye with something they might not have seen
> before - the idea of Linux and usability going together is probably
> rather startling to most people.

FWIW, when talking to people in person at conferences like LWE, the
usability argument is always what blows their mind- 'we're trying to
make it simple' makes people very excited. So generally, this is
always our strongest point; I probably didn't make that clear enough
in the first draft.

I'm really pressed for time (LWE is killing me, though I love it) so I
haven't read all the way through Steven's draft, but I've uploaded it
to for others
to peruse/edit/comment on.

Thanks for the effort, Steven- I hope this keeps the ball rolling.

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