Re: 2.10 release notes

<quote who="Claus Schwarm">

> Well, you asked for my opinion. The inclusion of Totem and Sound-juicer
> doesn't make that much difference to users either, so why should
> journalists care to write about it?


Product: sound-juicer
Feature: integrated audio ripping
Benefit: Quickly and easily turn your CDs into a digital audio library!

Product: GNOME Bindings
Feature: popular language bindings for the GNOME developer platform
Benefit: Build fully integrated applications for the GNOME Desktop with your
         favourite language and development tools!

One makes non-developers squeal with delight, the other makes them wonder if
they've visited their parents recently.

- Jeff

GUADEC 2005: Stuttgart, Germany            
   I must be getting old... Buying toothpaste with gel in it is no longer
                           an Absolute Necessity.

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