2.10 release notes

I am starting to work on the release notes for GNOME 2.10.

As before, these will be worked on in cvs here [1]:
At the moment it's just a copy of the 2.8 notes with some search-and-
replace of the version numbers.

I usually do these, because I'm on the release-team, with lots of help
from people such as Davyd Madeley. I am quite strict about mentioning
(and explaining) only visible changes of functionality that users and
administrators understand, and avoiding meaningless techy stuff or
saying "general improvements". I keep it concise, with lots of bullet-

We welcome any help with this, and the release-team would love to
delegate this to a better team (marketing makes sense to me) in future.
For instance, I'd really like to hear any criticism of previous release

I will gather information from the NEWS files and the maintainers about
major user-visible changes this time. So far, the most significant stuff
that I know about is the addition of totem (video playing) and sound-
juicer (audio-cd-ripping), and some improvements in the panel applets.
The structure of the release notes might change after we know what major
groups of functionality should be mentioned.

We already have this:
but the yelp, keyring manager, and goobox parts are no longer relevant,
and most of the other parts don't seem that interesting to users.

You can generate the html by running make, and I'll upload this often to
Please do not point anybody in the press to this site before the actual
release, because they then will not read the final version, and they
will probably be mislead by errors. And try not to mention that URL too
much on mailing lists.

You can see what's happening by reading the ChangeLog. Please do edit
the ChangeLog if you make changes, but for now I'd rather discuss
changes first.

Hopefully we will use the wiki for this for 2.12, but this time we can't
wait to solve the technical issues first.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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