Re: Gnome community


when I first searched about Linux applications, the homepage of XMMS said
something like "We won't switch to GTK/GNOME 2 due to GConf."

I wasn't talking about the technical pros and cons, I was talking about
_how_ these things were introduced. And the fact, that we may slowly gain a
reputation of doing so.

>From my point of view, this is a problem. In business, one usually says:
"It's four times as expensive to find a new customer as to keep an existing

I'm not concerned about the vocal minority, I'm concerned about those who
are silent. They may simply switch to something else.

However, the Linuxquestions poll will be over tomorrow. We'll see how the
private user community will have judged GNOME.



Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="c. schwarm">
> > The disadvantage is that mistakes like the introduction of GConf,
> Spacial
> > Nautilus, etc. will probably happen, again.

> Neither of these decisions would have been significantly modified based on
> misinformed input from "users" (or, to be more precise, a vocal minority
> of
> technically inclined users). I can understand some hesitancy about the
> recent Nautilus changes, but GConf? Sheesh, dude.
> - Jeff

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