Re: media files

On Wed, Feb 02, 2005 at 10:49:35AM +0100, David Neary wrote:
> > But other project managers look at the situation differently, using a 
> > different metric altogether.  You, for instance, said that you want to 
> > provide an interoperable choice.  This would suggest that you are 
> > interested in media formats that aren't as fully supported in free 
> > software (like MP3, RealAudio, etc.) as other formats are.
> This is a non sequitur. I do believe that an important part of
> offerring people a free software option is interoperability. That
> said, I personally prefer to use open file formats. Also, mp3
> *is* supported in free software - there are GPL and LGPL
> implementations of the mp3 codec. I think I am still missing your
> point...

A couple of things:

* We only need the decoder, we don't need the encoder, liveCDs should only
  encode in ogg as far as I'm concerned.  We're in the business of spreading
  free software here.

* The decoder costs (from mp3licensing) .0.75 cents per unit.  Not sure
  how that pans out for LiveCDs.  Since neither GNOME nor the LiveCD will
  generate any revenue.  So it's unlikely that Thomson will come
  after us.  If you profit off their research then they get a cut is how
  I read it.  But asking them and keeping a copy of their answer might
  be valuable.  Would it wise to send them mail and ask?  Or are we 
  asking for unwanted attention. :)

Overall though, we probably need to do some kind of thing that we can
direct users to a web page or some such that discusses the issue (ex:
why Ogg vs Mp3)  With links on how to convert to ogg etc etc.


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