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Luis Villa wrote:
> Big picture, after some thought a couple days after our IRC meeting, I
> want to use 'GNOME: the desktop of choice.' I think the 'my desktop of
> choice' was a good start, but I think some of our strongest marketing
> points are not about personal choices, but rather the depth of our
> community, our top-level corporate support, our ease of use, our
> accessibility, etc.  I think these are better served by using 'the
> desktop of choice'- 'my' limits it to things I think, I want, etc.,
> when we want to focus on how gnome is /the/ desktop for... foo, bar,
> baz, usability, a11y, spain, brazil, sun, redhat, novell, etc.
> Thoughts?


when I've choosen "My desktop of choice" I thought about our means to reach
people. In most cases, this is other people representing GNOME. Thus, "my"
works great in:

 * web-based ad's: Think banners on private homepages, in web forums, or in
simple text form - somebody who helped me declares he uses GNOME. This are
our main means to reach new users! Think spreadfirefox.

 * conference poster, stickers, etc. because once more it's people
representing GNOME.

 * all sorts of promotion if we can affort images of people one day - this
is a sort of anonymous representive.

 * all sort of images if we could use "celebrities" one day. Think a picture
of RMS: Main header: "Freedom matters!", base line: GNOME - My desktop of

 * even any other form because it carries a sort of freedom message: "A
linux desktop is a matter of your personal choice. It could be GNOME."

Another advantage from my point of view: It's not absolutly comparative,
thus we don't step on other people's desktop foot. "The desktop of choice"
may imply that other Linux desktops are not about choice. This is not what
we want to say, but others may think otherwise. But you can't argue about my
personal choice.

Another advantage: If a users decides to carry the slogan on his personal
webpage, he or she sort of agrees to be commited to GNOME. It would look
strange, if your desktop of choice is different every week, wouldn't it? ;)

Note that there's still a lot of space left for other messages, see [1] for




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