Re: response to linus...?

> If your enthusiasm may kill in one day what we are trying to build in
> years, the least we could do is to warn you.

it's not because of "one day", but because of the absolute lack of
interest in key issues i see here.

> As far as I know we are only stopping from puting GNOME in your signature.

i already said it was not important: i wasn't trying to put gnome in
my signature, but put gnome marketing team and NOT my signature.  it
doesn't matter who wrote it, what it needs is backing.

> Ask yourself why is so important for you to keep it there.

backing is important because if a letter doesn't have any, it won't
get read, no matter the contents.

> Ask yourself why aren't you asking if the board or any other high
> profile GNOME member has contacted Linus yet.

because my main concern wasn't talking to linus, but "talking" to the
audience who already heard linus.

i don't give a damn about what linus thinks of gnome, but i do give a
damn about him trashing our image in public.

> How can you keep avoiding the fact that "The Foundation will act as an
> official voice for the GNOME project" (,

so i'm sure they have published something already, and i missed it,
right?  btw how much have they published in the last year, as the
"official voice"?

> Leading a marketing action like the one you are proposing in the context
> of our structure and our history as organisation would be considered
> possibly wrong by most authors of these books.

you're speaking as if i had written an insulting letter to the guy.

> You can help changing this structure and history in
> order to improve them and allow marketing actions like this in a near
> future.

and how do you plan to do that, exactly?

> My recommendation: go to sleep, take a shower, read back all this thread
> and take not-hot conclusions. Linus can wait one day to be convinced
> isn't it?

again, i wasn't trying to convince linus; how many times did i already
say my focus was on our brand image?

> I'm just
> suggesting you take out "GNOME Marketing Team" from your signature.

again, that wasn't an issue.

Santiago Roza
Departamento I+D - Thymbra
santiago roza thymbra com

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