Re: response to linus...?

<quote who="Santiago Roza">

> yeah of course, i'm sure we do.  gnome has done everything within its
> power in order to repair their image before end users: private responses
> in a developers-only list, and... oh wait, there's nothing else.

It was important to make a direct reply with Linus in the forum he brought
up those issues. Because we did that, and stayed on-message (without getting
negative), most of the press pieces so far have picked up both sides of the
debate. We explained, fairly clearly, why his assumptions were not quite
right, and why we do the things we do.

I have been talking to various members of the press to help them understand
our point of view on this. I don't think it is pointless to make an official
statement from GNOME about this, but I don't think your proposal is the
right way to go about it.

Equally, I don't believe your sentence-by-sentence combative response helps
your case. If that's your approach personally, perhaps you should not be too
surprised that there is disagreement with your approach publically?

- Jeff

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