Re: gnome desktop personas - my very first draft

En/na John Williams ha escrit:
> I have just posted a message about this.  If we are going to vote, I
> want to nominate 

It was just a rethoric, countless vote.  :)

I was only saying critique like yours to the personas project was
appropriate, but lacking suggestions about what could we do to improve
it or what should we do instead.

IMO voting in small teams on specific issues is the best way to avpid
consensus and promote division. In order to reach consensus in these
environments, a much better practice is to state if your opposition is a
blocking one (you disagree even if you are in a minority position) or is
a fair play one (you disagree and you won't join, but if a majority
seems to think it's appropriate, go ahead). This approach helps to deal
with the reasons why somebody in a team would block an action, improving
what needs to be improved at least at a level in which an opposition is
not blocking an initiative.

Sounds like more complicated than voting. Generally it is in the short
term, but only voting doesn't guarantee any solution in the mid term.

Quim Gil -

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