Don't encourage people to switch to GNOME

I have, for some time, been uncomfortable with the use of the phrase
"switch to GNOME" in our private and public communications.  However
after looking at I think it is time to
bring my reservations about this out into the open.

"Switch to" implies giving up what you are already using.  This is a big
step psychologically for some (most?) people.  We want to encourage
people to use GNOME, and then if they want to stop using their previous
environment, that means that we (the whole GNOME community) have done
our job right.

Try GNOME, use GNOME, love GNOME, but you don't have to switch to GNOME
if you're just curious.

As Murray Cumming has pointed out in another thread, it is important to
consider the associations that GNOME invokes.  If risk or effort is one
of them (because of shifting to GNOME) then we are in trouble.

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