Re: gnome desktop personas - my very first draft

On Wed, 7 Dec 2005 12:39:16 -0300
Santiago Roza <santiago roza thymbra com> wrote:

> i started to draft a few characteristics of my "personas"; please tell
> me what you think.  remember it's VERY conceptual, they don't even
> have names yet  :)
> i didn't know if we should picture only our core segments, or a more
> general scenario, so i took the middle road... but this will have a
> zillion iterations i guess, so feel free to suggest.

I missed media usage in your personas (or more general: ways to contact
these personas). I'm not only talking about classic media (Journals,
Radio, TV) but 'modern' IT media: internet pages in general and
specifically mailing lists, bb/forums, blogs. Listing other means to
contact them may be useful, too.

Where's the fun having a target that we would be unable to contact
somehow? ;-)

Oh, and you do need names (and if possible images): Otherwise it's hard
to remember talk about them, and we fall back on using our moms and
dads and aunt tillies, ie. very different characters in our heads.

But it looks like a very interesting first draft! :-)


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