gnome desktop personas - my very first draft

i started to draft a few characteristics of my "personas"; please tell
me what you think.  remember it's VERY conceptual, they don't even
have names yet  :)

i didn't know if we should picture only our core segments, or a more
general scenario, so i took the middle road... but this will have a
zillion iterations i guess, so feel free to suggest.

* teenager (17)
high school student
has a girlfriend

intensive email (personal)
intensive im (msn)
basic web browsing: pr0n and flash games (+webmail)
some office usage for school

cellphone camera + cheap usb mp3 player + playstation2
uses p2p for music

basic-medium (windows) computer skills
zero free software awareness

* young techie (28)
windows programmer (visual studio)
single and looking

intensive email (work, personal)
intensive im (several networks)
intensive web browsing (even runs a blog)
medium-intensive office usage for work

high-range cellphone + ipod
uses p2p for music + an occasional movie
big cd/dvd collection

advanced (windows) computer skills
medium free software awareness

* not-so-young techie (46)
editor of tech section in major newspaper
married, two kids

intensive email (work)
basic im (work)
medium-high web browsing (news, research)
intensive office usage for work

mid-range cellphone + pda
does not use p2p
medium cd/dvd collection

medium-high computer skills (some unix background)
low-medium free software awareness

* not-so-young non-techie (51)
has a small business
divorced, three kids

basic email (with some ppt presentations)
zero im
basic web browsing (news)
intensive office usage for work

does not use p2p
small cd/dvd collection

basic (windows) computer skills
zero free software awareness

* young non-techie (34)
graphic designer (photoshop, illustrator)
married, one kid

medium email (personal, some work)
medium im (personal)
basic web browsing (news, recommended sites)
medium office usage for work

does not use p2p
huge cd/dvd collection (artsy type, loves music)

basic (windows) computer skills (advanced for specific apps)
zero free software awareness

Santiago Roza
Departamento I+D - Thymbra
santiago roza thymbra com

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