Re: real marketing or just catchy slogans?

En/na Dan Winship ha escrit:

>> They can at least _try_ it easily, with a Live CD.
> Yes and no. I agree that running the Gnome Live CD will give them the

Perhaps we are getting too obsessed about this idea that people need to
test something before getting it. We have a great product and we should
make our already strong brand in a great brand people relate to
something they want to have.

What if I already want GNOME before trying it because my best friend is
using it and says it rocks, because I'm reading magazines that all the
time say that GNOME rocks, because if you're cool you know that GNOME
rocks, because my favourite actress said in an interview '(...) it's so
different now that I'm using GNOME (...)', because apparently most
people in my exciting new job have GNOME at home, because my children
use GNOME in the school and they insist we should have it at home as
well, because I went to a training course and the guy teaching said
GNOME *is* the future, because I took my dead computer to the shop and
they told me that with GNOME this wouldn't have happened...

Of course statistically these examples are hard to happen, but they
could be real examples today, imagine in few years when GNU/Linux
penentrates slowly the mainstream.

Tell me, how many people you think that tests a real Harley Davidson
before deciding that they will start saving to buy one? Maybe they
effectively test it days before buying it, but only to reassure the
decision they made months/years ago.

Sorry if I bring back my persona again. :)  I became a GNOME user
because my geek friends were using and recommending GNOME. "Both are
free software but GNOME is more in the line of Debian and it's more
like... pure; KDE is also a good desktop and people like Linus Torvalds
use it, but it's more like... SUSE you know", they told me. Note that
the sentence doesn't make much objective sense, but subjectively it hit
me because I trusted them (on computer related stuff, only). "If I have
technical problems I will be able to go to them and say 'help me to fix
this shit you recommended me'", was also a thought that went through my
mind - never forget that users want to feel secure and protected in any
new step they do.

The first day I had Debian with GNOME and KDE I tested both but...
actually I was already predisposed and internally convinced.

Quim Gil -

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