Re: real marketing or just catchy slogans?

Murray Cumming wrote:
Gnome is not like Firefox. End users can see an ad for Firefox, decide
that it's cool, download it, install it, and go. But end users can't
download and install "Gnome". The closest they can come is to download
and install a Linux distribution that is *based on* Gnome,

They can at least _try_ it easily, with a Live CD.

Yes and no. I agree that running the Gnome Live CD will give them the feel of Gnome, but technically, what they're trying is Ubuntu (plus some hacks), not "Gnome". And if they decide they like Gnome, then their next step is still to install Linux, not to install Gnome.

(And I'm guessing there will eventually be politics around the fact that the Live CDs are based on Ubuntu as opposed to [insert everything else here].)

VMPlayer images could be even better.

Without conceding my earlier point that this doesn't count as trying Gnome, I agree that this is a great idea. :-)

I'm not confident that we can make this work (though I want to try),
because distros are currently removing almost all mention of the GNOME
project from their GNOME-based products, apart from the About dialogs here
and there. But we haven't really started to create a brand that they might
want to use. Maybe it's not too late.

Differentiating yourself as a Linux distro is hard enough without explicitly acknowledging the fact that 95% of your software is the same as your competitors. :-)

"Create a brand that they might want to use" is key though. The distros aren't going to change their messages to include our brand just because we want them to. We'd need to have a brand that reinforced the stories that the distros were already telling.

Recently I've (amateurly, probably wrongly) concluded that we need to
create a simple positive brand association, not convince people of little
details such as this program is better than this program, or that GNOME
starts here and stops there. It's why we hate the Intel/Coke/Cigarettes
marketing, but it's probably why the Intel marketing is successful.

Yeah, but do you want people in a few years to be saying "It's why we hate the Intel/Coke/Cigarettes/GNOME marketing, but ..."?

-- Dan

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