Re: GNOME's Target Markets

En/na Murray Cumming ha escrit:

> I am not a web hacker so anything that follows is my own speculation.
> Really, this discussion mostly belongs there.


> Maybe your new GUADEC site can show how this might work. I've never seen a
> system that can do all these things properly, but I am ready to be
> convinced, by example.

I will wait to start this discussion seriously in gnome-web-list to the
time when we have a proper GUADEC site, yes. I also think that real
examples save a lot of words.

I agree on the incremental improvements of our current site, of course.

I think it's time to split this thread in various topics and document
them in the wiki, otherwise we may loose this momentum without any outcome:

- target markets

- mottos, slogans, concepts, messages

- improvements

About my invitation to just throw ideas on mottos, ideas, etc. this is
why I collected this morning in 15 minutes just by reading Planet GNOME
and some links departing from it. Think them next to our GNOME brand:

be invoved

you'll be in

use free software

no one can tell you no

participation is ownership

community building

creating the future

Not bad for an improvised and unpretentious phishing, innit? I'm not say
they 'are' the message already. I'm just saying they are a great source
of inspiration  (and some of them could just work as a slogan out of the
box). Brainstorming from a collection of hundred messages like hese or
so is possibly much more fruitful than debating about what is and what
is not GNOME.

Quim Gil -

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