Re: GNOME's Target Markets

En/na Murray Cumming ha escrit:

> We can improve it for 2.14, but now is the time to come up with a
> mock-up.

I'm still confused about who and where debate and decide about
website. Take out the wiki, bugzilla, planet, etc. We are talking now
about the homepage and strcit website, composed by static
pages touchable only via CMS, without options to register, without RSS

I don't see an easy way to decide and apply changes to these pages and
keeo them well maintained at a content level if the technology and the
process used to this goes throeugh different teams, CVS accounts and
hardcoded HTML.

Maybe this is goint too much deep, but I think that a vivid
site should go through a reestructure of the boundaries between the
marketing team, the webhackers and the infrastructure people. Actually I
would just differenciate content editing (marketing and 50% webhackers)
and sysadmin (50% webhackers and infrastructure). Content people don't
touch the servers nor need ssh/cvs accounts. sysadmin people don't need
to deal with content creation and updates. Both meet in the CMS
applications, that have clearly distinct roles for content admins and

This is how most middle and big web based organisations work.

Quim Gil -

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