Re: GNOME's Target Markets

> En/na Murray Cumming ha escrit:
>> We can improve it for 2.14, but now is the time to come up with a
>> mock-up.
> I'm still confused about who and where debate and decide about
> website. Take out the wiki, bugzilla, planet, etc. We are talking now
> about the homepage and strcit website, composed by static
> pages touchable only via CMS, without options to register, without RSS
> feeds....

I am not a web hacker so anything that follows is my own speculation.
Really, this discussion mostly belongs there.

> I don't see an easy way to decide and apply changes to these pages and
> keeo them well maintained at a content level if the technology and the
> process used to this goes throeugh different teams, CVS accounts and
> hardcoded HTML.

There is a general trend towards using a wiki for this, I think. However,
it would be very foolish to wait for a perfect system before making
incremental improvements.

> Maybe this is goint too much deep, but I think that a vivid
> site should go through a reestructure of the boundaries between the
> marketing team, the webhackers and the infrastructure people. Actually I
> would just differenciate content editing (marketing and 50% webhackers)
> and sysadmin (50% webhackers and infrastructure). Content people don't
> touch the servers nor need ssh/cvs accounts. sysadmin people don't need
> to deal with content creation and updates. Both meet in the CMS
> applications, that have clearly distinct roles for content admins and
> sysadmins.

Maybe your new GUADEC site can show how this might work. I've never seen a
system that can do all these things properly, but I am ready to be
convinced, by example.

> This is how most middle and big web based organisations work.
> --
> Quim Gil -

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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