Re: [libxml++] Design Issue (was: libxml++ on win32 domparser problem)

Ephraim Vider wrote:
Thanks Stefan,

Now the problem is clear - DomParser does not reference Document in any way,
so that Document  with its static initialization object does not get linked
in if you only use

Oh. When I checked in the Document type, I expected it to replace (to a great extend) the DomParser. In fact, the code I checked in made the DomParser completely obsolete.

Due to various issues this move never got finished, and I'm not developing libxml++ any more. What I *would* do is change the DomParser's implementation to just wrap a Document, so DomParser
will remain there, if only for backward compatibility.

As I see it, this is a correct behavior of the linker. (why doesn't this
happen on other platforms?)

because that's what the ELF specs say (used on all modern unix
platforms): When you load a shared library, all global (and that includes class-scope) objects are constructed. It may even be part of the C++ standard (which MS isn't very keen on).


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