[ANNOUNCE] libchamplain 0.9.1

Hi everyone,

this is the last development release of libchamplain before the final
release. There's nothing terribly exciting since the last release
(unless bugfixes are exciting for you). Here's the short changelog:

* Fix the redrawing bug caused by more aggressive clutter clipping (Jiří Techet)
* Return to tidy from mx - it's less code which has to be maintained
(Jiří Techet)
* Port event handling from mx to tidy (Jiří Techet)
* Reduce the amount of tidy source files and move them to the champlain
  directory (Jiří Techet)
* Custom pick implementation for markers so markers are selected only
  when clicked inside them (Jiří Techet)
* Fixes of several memory leaks on object destruction (Jiří Techet)
* Deprecated symbols removal from ChamplainGtk (Jiří Techet)
* Minimal Python demo added (Jiří Techet)
* Minor bugfixes, cleanups, documentation additions, alignment fixes
(Jiří Techet)

Vala bindings aren't updated yet and I don't plan to update them
myself. If someone wishes to make the updates, I'll be more than happy
to apply them. Otherwise I'll wait until Lorenzo's gir-based vala
bindings are ready.

The bugzilla looks quite healthy now and there are no serious bugs
that should be fixed. Unless you report new bugs of course - which you
should really do if you experience some problems. Unless something
unexpected happens, I would like to make the final 0.10 release during
the next weekend.


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