Re: Local rendering creates blank tiles

On Sun, Jun 6, 2010 at 17:50, Patrick Salecker <patty9999 gmx de> wrote:
> Am 06.06.2010 15:21, schrieb Simon Wenner:
>> Hi,
>> On 06.06.2010 14:43, Patrick Salecker wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> while I was testing the python memphis bindings of libchamplain, I
>>> noticed that local rendering through libchamplain doesn't work at all on my
>>> system.
>>> "memphis/demos/" and
>>> "pymemphis/examples/" render the tiles correct, but
>>> "libchamplain/demos/local-rendering" shows only an arc:
>> Are you sure that you are looking at the area that contains the data? Any
>> error messages in the terminal?
>> Maybe these are old tiles from champlain's cache. Try to delete the cache.
> Now I know a workaround:
> When I run "./local-rendering", select "Local Map" and click on "Einpassen"
> (locale is de_DE.utf8), is see blank tiles and no terminal output.
> When I run "LANG= ./local-rendering" it works fine.
> Any ideas why this happens?

Interesting. From your last email it seems that the same happens even
with the normal (non-python) demo, right?

The only idea I have is that libmemphis parses the xml map data file
incorrectly because it opens the file in different encoding (I think
GTK normally uses locale encoding and not UTF-8, which might be the
problem). But it could be something else too.


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