Re: [Merge request] New map source infrastructure

> Hmm, the reason why I haven't seen this change is that HEAD of the git
> repository is set to commit f563af2fe35ac83c3811f306107026fde022c5ae
> (from 2009-11-16 05:38:05) so it was the last commit I have seen in
> gitk - is there any specific reason for this? I thought that this was
> the tip of the trunk but it seems that the tip should be
> LIBCHAMPLAIN_0_4_3 tag (it seems there was no branch for
> LIBCHAMPLAIN_0_4_3 and it was developed completely on trunk) so
> git reset LIBCHAMPLAIN_0_4_3
> should fix it.

OK, I see now - HEAD is really a tip of the trunk but it hasn't been
merged with the 0.4.3 branch yet - it would be good if this happens
before I start making the changes (there are some new functions like

It would also be good if the branch had some name. It was a bit
confusing for me - when typing 'git branch' I could see only the trunk
so I expected there was no branch. So something like this should be
done (I'm not a git expert so maybe it's totally wrong):

git branch libchamplain_0_4_branch
git checkout libchamplain_0_4_branch
git reset LIBCHAMPLAIN_0_4_3


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