Re: New release coming soon, update to bindings required

On Wed, Jan 6, 2010 at 6:09 PM, Pierre-Luc Beaudoin <pierre-luc pierlux com> wrote:
On Wed, 2010-01-06 at 09:42 +0100, Emmanuel Rodriguez wrote:
> I rebased my branch libchamplain-0-4 with the one on gitorious and I
> can't find the new symbols. Are you sure that the changes have been
> pushed?
Yes they were, but looking at your libchamplain-0-4, I see that you are
following my pierlux repository on gitorious, which I forgot to
update :(  you should now see the changes as I pushed the commits to
that repository.
Ah, thanks for the help.  I will update my remotes!

>                ChamplainView:license-text
>                champlain_view_set_license_text
>                champlain_view_get_license_text
>                champlain_map_source_get_meters_per_pixel
>                champlain_marker_queue_redraw
> I don't see these symbols in the branch, but I found these new ones:
> champlain_marker_get_highlight_color
> champlain_marker_get_highlight_text_color
> champlain_marker_set_highlight_text_color

Those were introduced in 0.4.1 (as read in NEWS).
So it appears that I missed this 3 methods.

I will keep you informed on my progress.

Emmanuel Rodriguez

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