Re: [jokosher-devel] Two Questions

Jono Bacon wrote:
I personally think we should remove the Add Audio File toolbutton icon
- the toolbar needs to have as few icons as possible for clarity, and
I would suggest that it is un-needed.

I would have to disagree. The guys on hashlugradio (season 4, episode 7) have discussed at length how difficult it is to figure out how to import a file when using Jokosher for the first time. Also many people have come into the IRC channel asking how to add files to their projects. It would be nice if everyone thought in the order we want them too (Jokosher -> Project -> Instrument -> Event), but the first thing many people think when starting a project is, "I want to add an audio file". The whole instrument concept is very nice, but not everyone picks up on it immediately. Unfortunately it is this first impression that we have to make as smooth as possible to keep people coming back.

I think that the "Add Audio File" toolbar button is the best solution to bug #70354, and is a very obvious way to accomplish something people will do very often.


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