[jokosher-devel] Two Questions

1) I added an "Add Audio File" button to the toolbar which allows you to select a file and adds it to a newly created instrument. This is because many people have difficulty figuring out how to import a file when first using Jokosher. My question is, what icon should we use for this button? We are currently using gtk stock open, but that is also used for open in the file menu.

2) The "Instrument" menu in the main menu bar was originally added to try and make it easier to find out how to import audio files. This has since been solved by the new "Add Audio File" toolbar button, but this instrument menu also makes a good place for the "Change Instrument Type" function (the "Remove Instrument" is just a duplicate of Edit -> Delete). The problem with this menu is that it is context sensitive, and the menu items inside it are only set to be sensitive when an instrument is selected. Surely we should have these functions available from somewhere else than just the right-click menu for accessibility reasons, but is there a point in having an entire context sensitive menu in the menu bar?


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