Re: [jokosher-devel] New runscript

Stuart Langridge wrote:
2. I don't think I have time to install five or six different distros
and learn how to install packages on them :(

I'm thinking that near 50% of our users will be using Ubuntu. Also many people have come into the IRC channel and asked:

I can't get Jokosher to work on my distro. Would it be easier if I installed it Ubuntu?

Right now, our answer would have to be:
No, it is *very difficult* on all distros because we didn't want to give special treatment to anyone, so you all have to suffer.

I think that since we are giving special treatment to Ubuntu for everything else, and we have a ton of developers running ubuntu who could easily write and test an Ubuntu specific install script, we should make one.

We should keep the current generic install script and make another Ubuntu Edgy specific install script. The latter should be written so that it can be modified for other distros, and if they want, members from those respective communities can support their distro.

As for build dependencies on Ubuntu, would apt-get install build-essential deal with all of those?


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