Re: [jokosher-devel] Ubuntu packager required

> the problem is that I and a bunch of other people are too busy to
> maintain a stack of changing things (and their dependencies) in two
> distributions. Dapper is stable. If you want to manually backport
> gstreamer and dependencies and things depending on it, you're welcome to
> do it, although I wouldn't recommend it.

Sorry but you misunderstand my point.  If I want to help out on a project
that, granted is in development, I suddenly have to go to a completely
unstable development version of the entire OS?  That, to me any, seems nuts!
Especially when new Gstreamer versions have been releasing more up to date
packages in other distros.

Now I wasn't demanding, I was only pointing out that I went to the Gstreamer
guys and said hey there is no deb for Ubuntu (note I didn't even say stable
or not!).  They said (and I paraphrase here) "Oh, so there isn't!  If you or
anyone else wants to help release one that would be great.  We don't know
much about Ubuntu we are mainly Fedora people."

I merely suggested that there maybe someone on this mailing list _or_
someone they know that can do this, has time to do this and would want to do
this.  I was just the messenger.  You know about not shooting the

It seemed to me it would make life easier for "users" to have the
dependencies packaged and not have to be built from CVS.  Other than that I
wasn't expecting anything nor demanding.

Again this may be a case of the traditional users vs. developers needs.
It's a hoary old chestnut I agree and if I did seem to be demanding in this
case I apologize.

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