Re: [HIG] Mini-Guidelines style

At 6:59 PM +0100 8/15/01, colin z robertson wrote:
Ah, so that puts us at three people unfamiliar and one familiar with
docbook. hmm. But as Maciej says, we need to have the final document
in docbook.

Basically docbook is fairly simple. If you're familiar with html or
other sgml languages you should be able to pick it up pretty quickly.
There are two tricky things about it: Firstly, the GDP have a set of
guidelines about how to use all the nifty tags for describing elements
of GUIs, and secondly, the tools for transforming from docbook to
other formats are a pain.
And again, the way to deal with the second problem is to ignore it.
When I started working with docbook I didn't have the tools set up on
my box. I just wrote docbook code and assumed that other people would
be able to transform it as required. If, on the other hand, you do
want to install the tools, feel free to ask me if you're having

I agree with ignoring the first problem; I'm a little concerned about the second.

It's nice and all to just assume that other people can transform your SGML, but it's way, way too easy to write bad SGML if you don't have a way to transform it. (I have much experience with this in a previous life.) I don't think that's an acceptable solution. I, for one, also find it difficult to proofread non-WYSIWYG content, especially with external figures.

We need to set up a build system which will generate HTML versions so we can see the output, or something, otherwise we're going to run into problems. Maciej, did you say you thought that would be feasible?


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